Riverside Military Academy – Military Boarding Academy – Georgia 30501

Riverside Military Academy is one of the oldest military academies in Gainesville, Georgia with years of experience of helping young men qualify in college and learn life skills. The military environment, best academic and athletic programs which includes taking part in various activities make young men learn responsibility and being independent to face the challenges. Students from Riverside Military Academy gain admission in most of the reputed colleges and universities easily with the skills they learn in the military academy. Students from various countries are present in RMA and the main goal of the military boarding school is to provide best academic education that help them to qualify for reputed colleges and as well as choose their favorite careers.

The main motto of RMA is to provide best academic education with in military style environment that make students learn responsibility and life skills in a structured way and this regard the class sizes are designed small in size which make to maintain individualized attention and regular help for better education. Young men in grades 7-12 are offered best academic education along with best environment to enhance their sports skills, as boarding school make student to learn sense of independence and this help young boys be confident, courage and face any type of challenges. The specialized guidance activities provided by Riverside Military Academy not only help young men to enhance their skills academically but also strengthen their personal responsibilities and make to them to face any kind of challenges and get success.

RMA offers various summer programs for their cadets and as well as other young men from other schools. The aim of the summer programs to help young men enhance their skills such as improving academic skills, sports, leadership qualities or improving communication skills, trips to historical places, visits to attraction places etc. Every year RMA offer various summer programs and students can get more details about the offered summer programs by calling the phone number provided below. For more details about the offered services, admissions, cadet life and JROTC program offered by Riverside Military Academy review below or visit the website of the academy for more detailed information.

Contact Address:

Riverside Military Academy

2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville,

Georgia 30501

Phone No – 1.800.462.2338

Website – http://www.riversidemilitary.com/

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