University of North Georgia UNG – Military College – Dahlonega GA 30597

University of North Georgia (UNG) is one of the States largest universities which is reputed as “Military College of Georgia” UNG offers various study programs that help students to get best academic education and as well as specialized programs that help to choose a military career. The mission of UNG is to provide best standards of education with more focus on achieving goals of all students by creating an best environment to learn life skills. UNG is the second oldest school of higher education and the first co-educational university with structured military programs and there are more than sixteen thousands of students enrolled in UNG across all the campuses. Best education with wide range of degree programs under specialized professional guidance help to grant more than two thousand degrees annually. The main mission of the military college of Georgia is to provide best academic education with best learning methods and best engagement techniques followed by the staff which helps students understand the lessons well and make a good career by completing undergraduate and Graduate programs.

The specially designed academic programs integrate with the use of latest technologies which make students understand the lessons well and get best education. Highly skilled professional’s guidance helps students to learn best academic education in a structured environment. The specially designed activities support students to grow professionally and as well as better individual. UNG is one of the states best universities with good reputation for offering best education, leadership development skills to the students. UNG offers various types of undergraduate and Graduate courses in which students who choose to make a career in military or civilan sector choose cadet admission, students get best education and support throughout their Graduation. Cadets get best training with good academic education and learn leadership skills, responsibility skills and taking part in daily physical fitness programs make them strength and as well learn life skills under professional guidance. The structured plan followed during the year of Graduation make students learn military type discipline and make themselves learn various life skills. The students that are interested to choose admission into the Graduation program in UNG need to qualify the required guidelines provided by the military college. For detailed requirement criteria follow the official website or contact the given telephone numbers for more details about the admission process in University of North Georgia. Go through the website for more details on the offered Degree Programs details, Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid details in detailed.

Contact Details:

University of North Georgia

Cadet Admissions,

82 College Circle, Dahlonega , GA 30597

Cadet Admissions Contact

Email –

Contact Number – 888-413-9366 (Toll Free)

Local Number – 706-867-2918

Website –


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